Fully automatic KEAN- fully automatic control CIP efficient cleaning system

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Product Description                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The heating way for the cleaning liquid is auto-heating. The operating principle: Set the cleaning temperature through the temperature
controller to control the steam control valve`s opening frequency to limit the steam amount making the cleaning liquid keep at needed
temperature. All the tanks liquid level in the CIP system adopt the auto-alarm. It will be increased the concentrated acid and alkali through
manually way when the cleaning liquid concentration reduced. The cleaning process transforming should be operated by the manually to
change some relevant pipelines and valves. Workers should increase the water-when the tank lack of water.

Technical Parameters
Tank Size1000L-10000L
CIP tank typeAlcal tank, acid tank, hot water, chean water tank, water recycle tank
Cleaning recyclesSingle circuit, double circuits, three circults, four circults.
Heating methodColl pipes inside, plate, tubular
Automatic types and charasticsFull automatic1, Flow rate auto conrtol; 2, Temperature auto contral; 3, Auto compensate the cip liguld level; 4, Auto compensate the liquid concentrate; 5, Cleaning liquides auto transter; 6, Auto alarm.
Semi-automiatic control1, Terrgerature auto control. 2, Electrical control with manual operate the other matters.
Manual control> Manual oprate on the cleaning process

Kean-Fully Automatic Control CIP Cleaning System with High Efficiency

Kean-Fully Automatic Control CIP Cleaning System with High Efficiency

Kean-Fully Automatic Control CIP Cleaning System with High Efficiency

We offer automatic CIP system, ranging from single or multiple tank systems for pre-rinse, acid or caustic wash recovery, and reclaim or reuse.

Operational Sequence
- Flushing
- Alkaline or acid cleaning
- Final water rinse
CIP generally denotes heating the system employing saturated steam under a pressure of approximately at temperature 50-80 ºC.
- Design and fitted to clean 100% of the machine.
- Cleans areas normally unaccessible on a manual sanitation.
- Reduce production downtime and faster than manual cleaning.
- Online validation with PH / Sensor & Final wash with Conductivity sensor.
- Cycle runs till PH and conductivity of supplied purified water and CIP solution starts equalizing.
- All these cycles are automatically maintained by PLC having display and records.
CIP Systems are engineered to your specific plant application, layout and utility requirements for effective and efficient sanitary process equipment cleaning.
CIP system is applied in sterile preparation mixing system, oral liquid mixing system, biological preparation mixing system, etc
Kean-Fully Automatic Control CIP Cleaning System with High Efficiency
Acid tank volume (L)50010002000300040005000
Alkali tank volume (L)50010002000300040005000
Hot water tank volume (L)50010002000300040005000
Heating methodSteam, plate, tube heating, electric heat pipe heating 
CIP PumpFollow Rate(m³/h)101020203030
Pump Head(m)242436363636

Kean-Fully Automatic Control CIP Cleaning System with High Efficiency

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Kean-Fully Automatic Control CIP Cleaning System with High Efficiency
Kean-Fully Automatic Control CIP Cleaning System with High Efficiency

ppacking Kean-Fully Automatic Control CIP Cleaning System with High Efficiency
tandard international package

1. Wood package
2. Plastics package
3. Woods pieces package
transported by sea

1.Q:Is your company a factory or trading company?
A:KEAN is a highly professional manufacturing entity focusing on fabricating pressure vessel and tanks, integrated     bioengineering fermentation systems, cell culture systems, large infusion systems, fluid handling system, CIP/SIP systems.

2.Q:  Can you product as specific size?
  A:  Definitely we can. Our products are customized as per your requirements.

3.Q:Can I have samples to test? Test Report
  A:Yes, we are pleased to supply samples test report issued by renowned authority and ensure quality. Our products are      fabricated stringently in compliant with ISO, ASME BPE, cGMP international codes.
4.Q:Do you have any MQQ limitation?

  A:Our MQQ is 1 PC to supply new customers.
5.Q: How long is the lead time?

  A:Normally it takes 7-10 weeks for mass productions on the order quantity.  
6.Q:Do you provide after-sales service?

  A:Yes, we are committed to offering highly professional and real-time after-sales service. We have many professional and dedicated engineers available ensuring a holistic service to our highly-respected customers.

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